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After almost 40 years without a top-scorer from Torino, Ciro Immobile (22) established himself as the league's top scorer in 2013–14. In 1936 wordt de naam veritaliaanst tot AC Torino onder druk van het fascistische regime. Torino Calcio 1982-1983 Tempo rimasto 5g 17h rimasti. [84], For the unrelated women's football team, see, Torino finished seventh in the 2013–14 Serie A and obtained the qualification to the 2014–15 Europe League at the expense of, Torino, in fact, finished first in the league of the, "Torino, finalmente l' accordo a Cairo va la maggioranza", "1906 - la nascita del Torino Football Club", "Torneo Internazionale Stampa Sportiva 1908 (Torino)", "Before The 'D'...Association Football around the world, 1863-1937.: Capocannonieri", "Quarantotto anni fa moriva Gigi Meroni, la Farfalla granata", "Torino, 48 anni fa moriva Gigi Meroni. Nuovo. The crash was attributed to dense fog and spatial disorientation due a faulty altimeter in the cockpit. Previously, the club had tried to obtain permission to use royal blue, but the monarchs of Italy were reluctant to grant the use of their dynastic color to a single team, as opposed to a few years later, when Azure adopted by the various national sports teams. [78] On 16 December 2012, the day when the two clubs met for the first time after Torino's return to Serie A, clashes erupted between the two club's organised supporters. Fotografia Ufficiale TORINO Calcio con autografi stampati stagione 1975-76. [42] From 1990 until the bankruptcy, the badge in use recalled the one used at the time of the Grande Torino, with the important difference that the right side of the oval crossed the letter "T" and "C" (initials of "Torino Calcio") instead of the letters "A", "C" and "T" (initials of "Associazione Calcio Torino"). Torino Calcio A. C. Milan: 17 1973-74 Giorgio Chinaglia: S. S. Lazio: 24 1974-75 Paolino Pulici: Torino Calcio: 18 1975-76 In later years, whilst still remaining one of Serie A's top teams, the team began a slow decline and was not able to replicate past results, with the exception of the second place in 1984–85, where the team finished behind a Verona side led by Osvaldo Bagnoli. Torino's historical rivalries are with Sampdoria, Piacenza, Verona, Lazio, Perugia, Internazionale, Atalanta, Ternana and Ancona. First participation: 1909-1910 Although, the trophy was taken away due to an alleged fraud during the Turin derby. In 2017, the Irish club Wexford Youths renamed itself Wexford F.C. He was replaced by Siniša Mihajlović,[31] who finished the 2016–17 season in ninth place. Il definitivo ritorno del Torino nell’elite del calcio italiano si ebbe soltanto nella stagione 1964-65, che vide la squadra allenata da Rocco precedere finalmente al terzo posto la Juventus, dopo anni di patimenti. The first of these so-called oriundo was Julio Libonatti who was transferred to Torino. › Torino FC on Wikipedia, References: Founded as Foot-Ball Club Torino in 1906, Torino are among the most successful clubs in Italy with seven league titles, including five consecutive league titles during the 1940s. This team, led by captain Valentino Mazzola, won five successive Scudettos and a single Coppa Italia trophy between 1942 and 1949. Di seconda mano. The club changed presidents and managers several times, but the results continued to worsen, and at the end of the 1995–96 season, Torino were relegated for a third time.[17]. Only three years later, however, tragedy struck again and Meroni was killed in a car accident. Questa voce raccoglie le informazioni riguardanti il Torino Calcio nelle competizioni ufficiali della stagione 1994-1995. The 2014–15 season saw Torino reach the round of 16 of the Europa League, where they were eliminated by Zenit Saint Petersburg. In the period following the disaster, the Argentine club was very close to the Italian club, organising a friendly and fundraiser to help the devastated team. and the two sides contest the Derby della Mole. The following season Torino finished in seventh place and qualified for the Europa League after a five-year absence. In 1891 the two clubs merged to form Internazionale Torino, after which Football Club Torinese was founded in 1894.[4][5][6]. The first official match was played on 16 December 1906 in Vercelli against Pro Vercelli, won 3–1 by Torino. However, the title was revoked on 3 November 1927 due to the "Allemandi Case". Torino is in 8th place in the Serie A all-time standings,[80] which takes account of all the football teams that have played in the top flight at least once. It currently plays in Serie A. Founded as Foot-Ball Club Torino in 1906, Torino are among the most successful clubs in Italy with seven league titles, including five … The "Trio of Wonders" scored 89 goals between them, with the title won on 22 July 1928, a 2–2 draw against Milan.[10]. Torino Calcio Club Il Mio Amore. Torino-Roma 1-0 66' Pulici 3a giornata, 28/10/1973 Roma-Milan 1-2 ... La primavera della Roma nella stagione 1973/74. The following year, Torino finished the 2015–16 season in twelfth place, after which Ventura, after five years in charge, left the club for the Italy national football team. Serie A titles: 6 [72], The friendship between Brazilian club Corinthians and Torino dates back to 1914; that year, Torino became the first Italian club to travel South America on tour. Indice. [21] The club was granted admission to the Petrucci Law, which guaranteed registration to Serie B, as well as all of the sporting titles of "Torino Calcio." Club chairman Mick Wallace is known to be a Torino fan. On 15 October 1967, Meroni was killed while crossing the street after a league game. [60] Francesco Graziani is the Torino player who has accumulated the most appearances (47) and goals (20) for Italy. The club's greatest period is encapsulated in the Grande Torino, a team which won five titles in a row (not considering the interruption to the league in the 1944 Campionato Alta Italia, in which the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) in 2002 recognised only honorary value to Spezia) between 1942 and 1949, and the Coppa Italia in 1943 (due to this success, Torino was the first team to win the coveted Scudetto and Coppa Italia "double" in Italy during the same season). [73], The Argentines of River Plate are historically twinned with Torino, since the time of the Superga disaster. The move to the Comunale, a stadium with a standing capacity of 65,000, was completed in 1963–64, and Torino remained there until 27 May 1990 when the stadium was abandoned in favour of the Stadio delle Alpi. Torino successfully replicated this by a margin of 4–1 a month later and gained the right to enter the final round of the Italian Football Championship, placed second behind Milan. [79] The rivalry with city rivals Juventus is the most heated, with the two teams taking part in the Derby della Mole, one of the most popular derbies in Italian football and the oldest still played. Still, the club stayed on its feet. Jonathan Wilson, Angels with Dirty Faces (2016), a plane crash that took the lives of the entire team, Football clubs ordered after establishment. Founded: 1906 The title was won by two points ahead of Juventus, 27 years after the Superga tragedy. Internationally, Torino won the Mitropa Cup in 1991 and were finalists in the UEFA Cup in 1991–92. Towards the end of 1913 the club moved to the Stradale Stupinigi; with the outbreak of the First World War, the stadium was requisitioned for military purposes. Associazione Calcio Torino Financial troubles and further relegation  led to Torino declaring bankruptcy in 2005. [41] The current badge was adopted in the 2005–06 season, the first following the bankruptcy of Torino Calcio. [32][36][37] Cyclically, an away shirt with a diagonal maroon band has also been used. ^1 Torino won the title in the 1926–27 season, but it was later revoked. Torino played the entirety of the 1959–60 season and the next at the Filadelfia, but in 1961–62 and 1962–63 the club began to use the Comunale for "special" matches. Torino hosted Cesena at the Comunale but could only manage to draw; Juventus, however, were defeated at Perugia. [61], The Torino youth system is formed of four men's teams that participate in separate national leagues (Primavera, Beretti, Allievi Nazionali Serie A & B, and Allievi Nazionali Lega Pro) and three that participate at regional level (Giovanissimi Nazionali, Giovanissimi Regionali A & B). Coppa Italia: 5, Italian Football Championship: 1927–28 1973/74 Kampioen: SS Lazio: Topscorer(s) Giorgio Chinaglia (24) Aantal clubs: 16 Degradatie naar: Serie B: Gedegradeerd: US Foggia Genoa CFC Hellas Verona: Europese kwalificatie: 1× Europacup I, 1× Europacup II, 4× UEFA Cup: Algemeen: Opgericht: 1929: Recordtitelhouder: Juventus (32x) Website: Lega Calcio.it: … Di seconda mano. First title: 1927-1928, › Official website A slow decline led to the club's first relegation to Serie B, which took place under the name "Talmone Torino" in 1958–59. On 4 May 1949, when the Grande Torino team perished in plane crash of Superga, Corinthians paid tribute to the Italians in a friendly match against Portuguesa when its starting XI took to the field in Torino's kit. [13] Despite the tragedy, Torino finished the season in seventh place and won the Coppa Italia. [46] The "Fila" as it was known was heavily associated with the exploits of the Grande Torino team of the 1940s: opened on 17 October 1926 with a match against Fortitudo Roma, it hosted Torino's games continuously until 11 May 1958 (the final match being a 4–2 victory over Genoa). Torino achieved immediate promotion in the 2005–06 season after winning the play-offs. Questa voce raccoglie le informazioni riguardanti il Torino Calcio nelle competizioni ufficiali della stagione 1980-1981 La squadra, guidata da Mondino Fabbri terminò il campionato al quinto posto. More recently, from 2006 to 2017, the team's training base was the Sisport di Corso Unione Sovietica. He was replaced by Walter Mazzarri in January, who guided the club to another ninth-place finish at the end of the 2017–18 season. With valuable contributions from Antonio Janni, Giacinto Ellena and Mario Sperone, Novo was able to build a team known as the "Grande Torino".[10]. The 1973–74 Serie A season was won by Lazio Teams. Country: Italy Torino FC, with the nickname "Toro", was during the first half of the century one of the most admirable clubs in Italian football. The first uniform used by Torino only a few days after its foundation and in the first game of its history against Pro Vercelli was striped orange and black, similar to the kits used by Internazionale Torino and Football Club Torinese, the historical predecessors of the newly formed club. [52][53][54][55] Subsequently, Lido Vieri and Giorgio Ferrini were victorious at the 1968 European Championship with the Azzurri,[56][57] whilst Giuseppe Dossena won the FIFA World Cup in 1982. [69] The fans also displayed the first banner of an organised club, at the Stadio Filadelfia, and organised the first away trip by plane in Italian football, in 1963, during a game against Roma. Torino Football Club é um clube de futebol italiano, com sede em Turim, capital do Piemonte.. O Torino é o quinto maior campeão nacional, com sete conquistas do Campeonato Italiano e cinco da Coppa Italia, sendo também um grande colecionador de títulos nas categorias de base.Em competições da UEFA a sua melhor … Serie B: Thanks to Novo's financial backing and shrewd administrator skills, the club managed to form a team which dominated the Italian football during the 40s and would forever be known as "Il Grande Torino." Torino's players formed the backbone of the Italy national team in this period, at one point fielding ten players simultaneously in the Azzurri. 0 offerte +EUR 3,50 di spedizione. Samotnú existenciu klubu AC Torino sa podarilo zachovať iba jeho znovuzaložením v roku 2005 pod jeho súčasným menom "Torino FC". The new capacity was now 27,958 seated, reduced by about 38,000 from the original in compliance with modern safety standards. In addition, they have won the Coppa Italia Primavera a record eight times, and the prestigious Torneo di Viareggio six times. The Grande Torino, as the team was known, was widely recognised as one of the strongest footballing sides of the period, until the entire team was killed in the 1949 Superga air disaster. Torino Football Club (Italian pronunciation: ), commonly referred to as Torino or simply Toro, is an Italian professional football club based in Turin, Piedmont.It currently plays in Serie A.. It was not until the 1935–36 season that it began its revival, with a third-place finish in the league and first victory of the Coppa Italia. [58], On 11 May 1947, during a friendly match between Italy and Hungary that finished 3–2, Vittorio Pozzo fielded 10 players who were at Torino; this remains the largest number of Italian players fielded from the same club in the same match in the history of the Italy national team. [43][44][45], The first official match after the club's foundation, a derby match against Juventus, took place on 13 January 1907 at the Stadio Velodrome Umberto. 1960s the team would perform great in Coppa Italia, winning the tournament once and reach the final in tow additional season. That title would remain unassigned, but it did not stop Torino from continuing with excellent performances and winning the Scudetto again the following year. The link between the two sides was born in the early 1970s due to a common anti-Juventus sentiment and the closeness of the Viola after the Superga tragedy. Tempo rimasto 4g 17h rimasti. [75] Other supporters with whom there is a friendship are supporters of English club Manchester City.[76]. The "1906" on the left side of the shield was later added to denote the founding year of the historic Foot-Ball Club Torino.[41]. However, due to heavy debts accumulated under the president Francesco Cimminelli, Torino were denied entry into Serie A and the club's bankruptcy was announced on 9 August 2005. Torino would, however, return to Serie A and would remain successful in Coppa Italia. [84] He was followed by the Italian Argentine Julio Libonatti, who scored 35 goals in 1927–28 and Gino Rossetti (36) in 1928–29. [69] It was at the Filadelfia that Oreste Bolmida, the trumpeter fan made famous by the film Ora e per sempre also performed. But one tragic event would cause a turning point: the plane crash that killed the entire team in 1949. After winning two Coppa Italia titles in 1968 and 1971, Torino followed them up with its seventh Scudetto in 1976. EUR 4,00. This is an homage to River Plate, the Argentine club which has had close historical ties to Torino since the tragedy of Superga. The scudetto was won after a comeback against Juventus, who held a five-point advantage over the Granata during the spring. ", "Torino, Belotti nella storia: suo il 100° gol di un granata in Nazionale", "La nazionale degli esordienti arrivano i nuovi campioni", "Torino e Nocerina, si rinnova l'amicizia tra le due tifoserie", "Dramma River Plate: piange anche il Torino - Notizie.it", "Benfica-Torino: la Eusebio Cup che parla italiano", "Genoa, la triste fine di un gemellaggio storico", "Classifica perpetua della Serie A - Italia1910.com - Nazionale Italiana di calcio e Serie A", "Suzuki è Official Sponsor del Torino Football Club - Motociclismo", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Torino_F.C.&oldid=998238971, Association football clubs established in 1906, Football clubs in Piedmont and Aosta Valley, Articles with self-published sources from February 2020, Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 January 2021, at 12:54. Given the need to adopt a definitive color the founders opted in the end for granata, a dark shade of red similar to burgundy. Another club logo was used for many years with an oval formed emblem and instead for "FC" showing the initials "TC", for Torino Calcio. Renamed "Associazione Calcio Torino" due to the Italian fascist regime, Torino finished in second place in the 1938–39 season, under the technical director Ernest Erbstein. The following season, Torino escaped relegation in the penultimate round of matches. [19][self-published source?] The 30s were less kind to the club, but they still managed to win the first Coppa Italia tournament ever held, in 1936. Novo provided financial support to the club and utilised his skill as a careful administrator. In the 1920, many Italian football clubs was enforced by South Americans of Italian ancestry who had travelled over the … [28] The stars of the year were Alessio Cerci and Ciro Immobile; the latter finished as the top scorer in Serie A.[29][30]. [1] In 100 seasons, including 18 in various championships that preluded the single round format (Torino withdrew in 1908 and the 1915–16 Coppa Federale is not recognised), 73 in Serie A and 12 in Serie B, the club has finished on the podium in 23% of cases. Fernando Novo's appointment as president in 1940 signaled the beginning of the most successful era in Torino's history. In the final round, Torino held a one-point advantage and, until then, had won every previous home fixture. Indice. [16], In the 1992–93 season, Torino won their fifth Coppa Italia after defeating Roma,[16] however the club subsequently went through a period of severe economic difficulties. [27] After achieving safety from relegation in the 2012–13 season, the 2013–14 season marked a sharp upturn for Torino, who finished seventh place, and qualified for the 2014–15 Europa League. [65], The fans of Torino hold a number of distinctions, including the first ever organised supporters group in Italy, the Fedelissimi Granata, founded in 1951. Nella stagione 1973/74 esordì in serie A anche Ciccio Graziani (il 18 novembre del 1973, Sampdoria - Torino) che al termine della stagione arrivò a quota 6 gol. In the final game of the championship, Torino would have had the opportunity to play the Genoese head-on after defeating them in the first leg 6–1. A Torino Football Club, vagy egyszerűen csak Torino, egy olasz labdarúgócsapat, amely jelenleg a Serie A-ban szerepel.. A gránátvörös mezben játszó egyesület eddig ötször nyerte meg a olasz elsőosztályú labdarúgó-bajnokság küzdelmeit, először az 1927-28-as szezonban, utoljára pedig már több mint 30 éve, az 1975-76-os … The new game quickly supplanted the popularity of pallapugno, which led to the foundation of the football sections of the sports clubs Ginnastica Torino and Juventus. Serie A: 1942–43, 1945–46, 1946–47, 1947–48, 1948–49, 1975–76 Domestically, Torino hold the record for most championships won in both the Campionato Nazionale Primavera with nine titles, and the Campionato Nazionale Dante Berretti with 10 titles. [26] After a long campaign, Torino secured promotion to Serie A on 20 May 2012, after defeating Modena 2–0 in the penultimate round of the season.

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