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[294], Due to the spike in COVID-19 cases in August, Italy's health minister, Roberto Speranza announced the closure of nightclubs in some parts of the country and made masks mandatory between 6 pm and 6 am, in crowded areas and at social gatherings. [120] The decree "absolutely avoided any movement into and out of the areas" and, like the previous one, it provided sanctions of up to three months in prison for those who violated the lockdown. Conte later proceeded to officially sign the new executive decree. Anche le persone senza una preparazione di base scientifica possono partecipare senza eccessive difficoltà, purché siano disposte ad impegnarsi, affrontando un piano di studi serio, vasto e concreto, alla fine del quale saranno pronte per affrontare il mondo del lavoro. Se trata de pacientes de bajo riesgo que están siendo atendidos. On 13 March, Japan confirmed that a man who had been in Italy since 6 January tested positive for coronavirus upon landing at Haneda Airport in Tokyo that day. "L'Istituto Poligrafico contro il Coronavirus: "Nine eurozone countries issue call for 'coronabonds, "Germans and Dutch set to block EU 'corona bonds' at video summit", "Calls for Coronabonds Met with Familiar "Nein, "EU agrees on €500B of economic aid but no 'corona bonds, "E.U. This brings the geometric average growth for 2020-03-10 and 2020-03-11 to +17%. On 2 March, New Delhi confirmed its first case, an Indian national who had returned from Italy. Both were people who were in contact with someone in Italy who tested positive. [31] In late January 2020, following the developments of COVID-19 outbreak in mainland China, on 3 February, Italy set up enhanced screening measures, including thermal cameras and medical staff at airports. [206] Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, a cosmetic fair, was rescheduled to 11 to 15 June. Two more people who had visited the same football game in Milan were hospitalised at the same place. [568][569], Venezuela – Sì al controllo su celle telefoniche ma ci vuole norma, "L'elenco dei comuni in quarantena a causa del coronavirus", "What towns in Italy are on lockdown because of coronavirus? The fuselage of the plane also carried a message for the nation, which read: "From Russia with Love". [620][621][622][623] The COVID-19 pandemic in Italy is part of the pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).The virus was first confirmed to have spread to Italy on 31 January 2020, when two Chinese tourists in Rome tested positive for the virus. This corresponded to a rise in new cases experienced also in other major European countries. The first case in Colombia, confirmed in March, was of a person who had travelled to Milan. [601] On 15 March, Beijing confirmed two more imported cases,[602] and Shanghai also confirmed one more. [192] Over 300,000 calls per day were logged on Lombardy's toll-free line as well as the emergency number 112. Il totale è 19", "l Consiglio straordinario di Lega ha deciso: rinviata Genoa-Torino", "Giro, positivi Kruijswijk, Matthews e sei membri staff. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. [758] Northern Ireland reported its first case, an adult who had travelled from Northern Italy via Dublin and was admitted to Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. Conte: "Inaccettabili limitazioni agli italiani". For instance, in some other European countries, a distinction is made between deaths caused by coronavirus and deaths of people infected with coronavirus, thus often excluding deaths of people with pre-existing conditions. Guarita la prima ammalata", "On the front lines of coronavirus with Italy's first sick mayor", "Coronavirus, primo paziente positivo in Puglia. [663] A 23-year-old fashion student from Nice who had recently returned from Milan tested positive at Nice University Hospital Centre and was admitted to Hôpital l'Archet. On 26 February, Romania confirmed its first case, a man from Gorj who tested positive after having come in contact with a 71-year-old man from Cattolica, Italy. [502], With the enactment of the lockdown of Lombardy and 14 more northern provinces on 8 March, the re-opening of schools in these areas was delayed to 3 April. Sicily and Apulia were classified as orange zones, while the rest of the country was declared as yellow zone. Società Federate - Trentino-Alto Adige. Erano già in pensione: tornano quattro dottori, hanno tra i 65 e i 71 anni", "Coronavirus, arrivano i medici pensionati", "Sono le Venti (Nove), un medico pensionato richiamato in servizio per il coronavirus: "L'etica viene prima. [32], On 31 January, the first two cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Rome. [643][644] Two cases in Saaremaa were confirmed on 10 March: the patients had been in contact with the Power Volley Milano team members during the 2019–2020 CEV Challenge Cup matches held in Saaremaa on 4 and 5 March. Entrambe riapriranno giovedì, come la scuola equiparata di Sarche. [80] Officials in Liguria confirmed that a 72-year-old female tourist from Castiglione d'Adda tested positive in Alassio while she was staying in a hotel. [289] Regions and municipalities were given the power to only tighten, but not release, containment measures. Pronto nuovo piano d'urgenza per terapie intensive", "Coronavirus, Emilia Romagna: positivo l'assessore regionale alla Sanità Donini", "Coronavirus: Italy extends emergency measures nationwide", "Coronavirus, a Vo' Euganeo nessun nuovo caso positivo", "Game Zero: Spread of virus linked to Champions League match", "Coronavirus, primi casi a Firenze e a Palermo. [59][60] An 80-year-old man from Castiglione d’Adda died at the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan. [708][709] [350], On 28 February, Germany enacted new health security measures to include regulations for air and sea travel, requiring passengers from multiple countries, including Italy, to report their health status before entry. [54] On 21 February 2020, two people tested positive in Veneto. Il no degli industriali", "Coronavirus, Milano trema: 634 casi in un giorno. [105][712] Since the end of September 2020, the virus regained strength and grew its prevalence in the regions of Campania and Lazio. Firstly, they produced venturi valves for respirators using 3D printers,[482][483] and later (in collaboration with Decathlon) they adapted a snorkelling mask into a non-invasive ventilator. [688][689], Iceland – were halted or were allowed to resume only until 6 pm. Responsabile settore nazionale Powerlifting AICS, responsabile nazionale didattica e istruttori WDFPF (World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation – Italia), delegato regionale Trentino e A.A. WDFPF Italia, Coordinatore istruttori e agonistica ASD Team Atlantide. [67][68][69] On the same day, a 76-year-old woman with pre-existing medical conditions died in Treviso. A group of infected Italian tourists passed on the disease to a 52-year-old tour guide. La Federazione Provinciale Scuole Materne di Trento è un’istituzione che promuove cura, servizio e innovazione. [459] To facilitate home calls from patients, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Genoa (IIT) and Istituto di robotica e macchine intelligenti (I-RIM) designed a robot for video calls that could be assembled by hospital personnel[460][461] and that was tested at the end of April in Pisa, Massa-Carrara and Induno Olona. [455] Two suicides, one of a nurse in Jesolo and one of a nurse in Monza, were assumed to be related to psychological pressure. [425] Despite doubts from the scientific community, Avigan (favipiravir) was also included in testing protocols by Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) even though it was not authorised in Europe. La Federazione Trentino Danza aggrega 19 scuole di danza trentine e opera sul territorio comunale e provinciale dal settembre del 1997. [546], Nigeria – [330][653][654] His wife also tested positive and was admitted to the same hospital. Train railway companies must report passengers with symptoms to authorities and the federal police would step up checks within 30 kilometres of the border. On 28 February, Mexico confirmed its first two cases. [714] [613], Thailand – [675] A 32-year-old man in Heilbronn who was in Milan on 21 February fell ill and was admitted to a hospital. A 25-year-old Ukrainian woman from Cremona, who previously visited Lombardy, tested positive at a hospital in Vallo della Lucania. Universities in Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino Alto-Adige, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna suspended all activities from 23 February until 1 March. People were not allowed to enter or exit the town for any reason. Ci sono tutti i 7.903 comuni italiani fino al 31 agosto. [186], Major companies such as IBM, Enel, Luxottica, PwC and Vodafone continued to allow employees to work from home. [409], In March 2020, oncologist Luigi Cavanna of the hospital of Piacenza was one of the first physicians in Italy to focus on house calls, realizing that too many critically-ill COVID-19 patients were arriving at his hospitals and that some of them could have been treated earlier at home before a possible escalation of the symptoms. [353] The University of Notre Dame ended its Rome Global Gateway programme and evacuated 106 students from Rome. She worked for a daycare centre in Riehen, and after her test was confirmed, the children at the daycare were put into a two-week quarantine. Following this discovery, the W Abu Dhabi and the Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi, both on Yas Island, were put on lockdown. [96], On 8 March, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte extended the quarantine lockdown to cover the whole region of Lombardy and 14 other northern provinces. On 27 February, Bavaria confirmed that a man from Middle Franconia tested positive after having contact with an Italian man who later tested positive. [522], In the province of Mantua, damages to crops by wild animals increased drastically in 2020. South Africa announced that its first seven confirmed cases were South African residents returning from Italy. [252] On 9 March in Bologna, detainees took control of the Dozza penitentiary, forcing personnel to exit the building. [713] A 38-year-old woman who had returned from Bergamo tested positive was admitted to a hospital in Timișoara. He was in Italy from 15 to 21 February for work. [121], Two weeks later, the number of new cases per day started to show signs of slowing down, while the number of new deaths rose slightly. [278], On 26 April, the Prime Minister announced a starter plan for the so-called "phase 2", that would start from 4 May. [609], Saudi Arabia – [283], Penalties for breaching isolation were increased with fines from €500 to €5,000 and imprisonment of up to 18 months. : 96049970229 ORARIO DI UFFICIO: dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 08.30 alle 13.00 e dalle 14.00 alle 15.30 [699], Moldova – [477] [98] By 14 March, no new cases were detected in the municipality of Vò. [109] Ten days before, he was in Milan attending public events. [704], North Macedonia – [citation needed] [82], On 1 March, the Council of Ministers approved a decree to organise the containment of the outbreak. Former president of the European Commission Donald Tusk said that the risk for the European Union is greater than the European debt crisis of 2009, and that despite the fact that EU aid to Italy is greater than from other countries, its perception is crucial. [8][9][10], On 31 January, the Italian government suspended all flights to and from China and declared a state of emergency. [94], On 4 March, Emilia-Romagna's regional minister of health, Raffaele Donini, and minister for territories, Barbara Lori, were declared positive for COVID-19. [40], Lombardy is a densely habitated area with about 10 million habitants. [650] [241] This measure was described as the largest lockdown in the history of Europe,[242][243] as well as the most aggressive response taken in any region beyond China, and paralysed the wealthiest parts of the country as Italy attempted to constrain the rapid spread of the disease. [237] It was possible to move into and out of the areas only for emergencies or "proven working needs", which must be authorised by the prefect. [505], In Italy, in-person gatherings for religious worship have been suspended and as a result, many churches broadcast Mass via online live-stream, radio and television. To prevent people from gathering during Christmas, Saint Stephen's Day and New Year's Day, travel between different comuni was also restricted, and the curfew for New Year's Eve was extended to 7 AM. Bonari and her co-workers had been extremely exhausted due to the pressures of work, and according to her, health caretakers had been working in uncomfortable conditions. Tracking applications, monitoring systems with the help of surveillance drones and predictive systems are used to understand the progress of the epidemic. On 28 February, a Finnish woman who had travelled to Northern Italy tested positive at the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District and was placed in home isolation. Colpite tutte le regioni. ", "Coronavirus, controlli con gli scanner termici negli aeroporti italiani", "Coronavirus: gli aggiornamenti dalla Regione Piemonte", "Prima a Milano, poi l'hotel a Roma: le tappe dei 7 giorni di viaggio della coppia contagiata", "Italian scientists isolate DNA sequence of coronavirus", "Le tre ricercatrici che hanno isolato il Coronavirus allo Spallanzani di Roma", "Italy suspends all China flights as coronavirus cases confirmed in Rome", "Coronavirus, bollettino dello Spallanzani: guarito il ricercatore italiano, verrà dimesso oggi. [314] Argentina, France, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Serbia and South Africa issued multiple recommendations that included postponement of school trips to Italy, a 14-day quarantine for people arriving from Lombardy and Veneto and a warning for all citizens to not to travel to regions of Italy affected by the outbreak. [722][723][724][725] On 28 February, Wales reported its first case, a patient who had returned from northern Italy was treated at a specialist unit in England. On 28 February, a man from Freiburg who had travelled to Bergamo tested positive and underwent isolation. [371][372] France also imposed similar export restrictions and the German health minister Jens Spahn defended Germany's decision. [526][527][528] In some areas of northern Italy, a comparison of the average registered deaths over the previous years with the deaths in the first months of 2020 showed a sizeable excess of deaths that were not officially included in the coronavirus toll. Two other people with whom he had made contact also tested positive and were admitted to the same hospital. [203], Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Mediobanca and UniCredit requested their Milan staff to work from home. On the same day, swimmer Federica Pellegrini confirmed that she was positive at COVID-19. [235], On 5 March, when the newly appointed Emilia-Romagna regional minister of health, Raffale Donini, tested positive for COVID-19, Governor Stefano Bonaccini appointed Sergio Venturi as commissioner for the emergency. On 27 February, a couple who tested positive and their two children who were showing symptoms were admitted to Kaiser-Franz-Josef Hospital. [47][48], On 21 February 16 more cases were confirmed – 14 in Lombardy, including the doctor who prescribed treatments to the 38-year-old Codogno man,[41] and two in Veneto. [381], The Agnelli family donated €10 million to the Government's coronavirus funds. [465], Top Italian figures have condemned an article in a German newspaper suggesting the mafia was waiting for an influx of European Union cash amid the coronavirus outbreak. [378][379] Chinese billionaire and Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma also donated 500,000 masks and other medical supplies, which landed at Liege Airport in Belgium on 13 March and were then sent to Italy. La solidarietà della politica", "Italy, Pandemic's New Epicenter, Has Lessons for the World", "Coronavirus, anche il governatore del Piemonte positivo – La Stampa", "US Navy sailor in Italy tests positive for coronavirus", "Coronavirus: Juventus centre-back Daniele Rugani tests positive for virus", "Rising number of medical staff infected with coronavirus in Italy", "COVID-19: 102-year-old Italian woman survives the virus", "102-year-old woman from Italy recovers from coronavirus", "102-year-old woman recovers from COVID-19 after 20-day hospitalization in Italy", "Coronavirus: Paulo Dybala and Paolo Maldini test positive", "Northern Italy quarantines 16 million people", "All of Italy is in lockdown as coronavirus cases rise", "Italy's coronavirus deaths rise slightly, but new cases continue to slow", "Coronavirus, Borrelli: Raggiunto il picco ma non abbassare la guardia - Salute & Benessere", "LATEST: Pressure on Italy's intensive care wards eases as new coronavirus cases slow again", "Europe's Slowing Virus Deaths Bolster Leaders on Lockdowns", "Italy Reports Lowest New Virus Infections in Almost Three Weeks", "Italy sees first fall of active coronavirus cases: Live updates", "Covid, nuovo record contagi: oltre 8 mila. Scuole dell’infanzia, anno scolastico 2021/2022: approvate le tariffe per il prolungamento di orario Comunicato stampa PAT n. 3087 del 26/12/2020 [493] Some of the demonstrations were spontaneous, others were organised by social media and radio. [3] By 1 January, Italy had tested about 14,940,000 people. [227], On 28 February, during an interview with Rai News24, Professor Massimo Galli from the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan suggested that the majority of newly recorded cases were pre-existing cases that were finally detected during the extensive tests performed on people (and their relatives) who had come in contact with confirmed patients. [122] A number of COVID-19 cases have emerged worldwide that are linked to Italy, and especially to the northern regions. 152 casi positivi", "Coronavirus, sale a 14 il numero dei casi ricoverati a Pavia", "Quarto morto in Italia per il coronavirus, aveva 84 anni", "Coronavirus, in Italia si contano sei vittime e 230 contagi | In Lombardia il numero maggiore dei casi", "Coronavirus, sei morti in Italia, 229 contagi. [291], On 15 March, President of Campania Vincenzo De Luca imposed a strict quarantine on Ariano Irpino, in the province of Avellino, and four other municipalities in the province of Salerno, Atena Lucana, Caggiano, Polla, and Sala Consilina. On 26 February, North Macedonia confirmed its first case, a woman who tested positive at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, Skopje. [262] On the following day, the Army was called in to assist the police forces in enforcing the lockdown. [22] Due to the limited number of tests performed, the real number of infected people in Italy, as in other countries, is estimated to be higher than the official count. The data on 2020-03-18 does not include cases from Campania and Emilia-Romagna, province of Parma. On 6 March, Serbia registered its first case, a 43-year-old man who had been to Budapest and Italy. [104] On 26 February, one of the people with whom he had interacted in Romania tested positive. [619], Austria – On 14 October, cases of COVID-19 positives exceeded the peak of the March infections. [760], New Zealand – [82][92] On 28 February, four people died, including an 85-year-old Lombardy resident in one of the quarantine zones at a hospital in Piacenza, a 77-year-old and two others over the age of 80. [336][337], Russia, Spain and Turkey issued a recommendation for all citizens not to travel to regions of Italy affected by the outbreak. [208][209] Roma Motodays was postponed to 17 to 19 April. In the textile district of the province of Prato, the Machattie company started production of polypropylene masks in March, and the Dreoni company in Vaiano switched its production from car upholstery to protective masks with certified standard, with the help of the local population (its owner later died of COVID-19). [467] On 21 March, the government issued the shutdown of all non-essential businesses, industries, and economic activities. Oxford University Press offre agli insegnanti un servizio di aggiornamento costante attraverso un gruppo di Consulenti Pedagogici di madrelingua, ovvero ex insegnanti di lingua inglese che dispongono di una consolidata esperienza presso istituzioni di prestigio in Italia e in altri paesi.. Promotori Scolastici [150], Educational trips to destinations in Italy and abroad were suspended. [742], Sweden – On 28 February, Malaysia confirmed that an Italian who was married to a Malaysian tested positive and was admitted to Sungai Buloh Hospital. [496], Some Italians have adapted the local custom of paying in advance at a cafe for a customer who can't afford it ("suspended coffee") by paying extra at grocery stores. [642] Two other Estonian passengers from the same flight and one returnee from Bergamo arriving through Tallinn Airport tested positive on 5 March. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said, “Die Welt, an important German newspaper, urged Europe this morning to not help Italy because ‘the mafia is waiting for money from Brussels’”. [694], Latvia – Invitamos a la población a seguir informada y tomar medidas de prevención", "1st Confirmed Case of Coronavirus in NH", "CDC Announces Additional COVID-19 Infections", "Parson: St. Louis County woman is Missouri's first positive case of coronavirus", "Uruguay announces first four confirmed cases of coronavirus – ministry", "Confirmaron primeros 4 casos de coronavirus en Uruguay; todos habían regresado de Italia", "Régimen de Maduro confirma dos primeros casos de coronavirus", "Operational Headquarters: Two more Azerbaijani citizens who arrived from abroad infected with coronavirus", "First 3 cases of coronavirus reported in Bangladesh", "Two fresh cases of coronavirus detected in India; one in Delhi, another in Telangana", "Coronavirus India Live Updates: Italian tests positive for coronavirus in Jaipur", "Coronavirus Live Updates: Italian tourist's wife tests positive, number of cases rises to 7", "28 confirmed cases of coronavirus in India, GoM to meet today: Health minister Harsh Vardhan", "29th coronavirus case in India: After 15 Italian tourists, Paytm employee tests positive for Covid-19", "5 Of Family in Kerala Get Coronavirus, 39 Cases in India: 10 Points", "Israeli Who Visited Italy Tests Positive for Coronavirus", "Israeli who returned from Italy diagnosed with coronavirus: ministry", "El Al suspends all flights to Italy and Thailand over coronavirus fears", "Health Ministry confirms second case of coronavirus in Israel", "イタリアからの帰国者、初のコロナ感染確認 都内で入院 ("Returnee from Italy tests positive for coronavirus; in hospital in Tokyo")", "Jordan announces first coronavirus case from Italy", "After week-long lull, Malaysia records three new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours", "Maldives confirms first two coronavirus cases; two resort islands locked down", "One new case of coronavirus reported in Oman", "Saudi Arabia announces 17 new cases of coronavirus", "First Sri Lankan coronavirus patient in the country identified", "Cyclists await test results after coronavirus hits UAE Tour", "COVID-19 au Vietnam : un 17ème cas confirmé à Hanoi", "Konfirmohen dy rastet e para me koronavirusin e ri", "Informacion i përditësuar për Koronavirusin COVID_19", "Andorra registra su primer caso de coronavirus", "Coronavirus: Zwei Fälle in Tirol bestätigt", "Coronavirus news: Austria and Croatia report first cases as Tenerife quarantines hotel – live updates", "Austria's 2 coronavirus cases are Italian citizens", "Austria seals off Innsbruck hotel after reporting first two coronavirus cases", "Coronavirus: Drei bestätigte Fälle in Wien", "Dritter bestätigter Coronavirus-Fall in Wien –", "Infektion in Steiermark: Bereits sieben bestätigte CoV-Fälle", "Six coronavirus cases in Belarus – ministry", "Six coronavirus cases confirmed in Belarus – – Hot news from Armenia", "Bosnia Confirms Two Coronavirus Cases, Expects More", "Coronavirus latest news: Britons returning from Italy told to self-isolate as Matt Hancock says he is 'worried, "U Rijeci potvrđen treći slučaj koronavirusa u Hrvatskoj", "Hospital close to shutdown after doctor with virus treated patients (Update 5)", "Koronavirus: 32 případů, kontroly na hranicích i omezení v domovech seniorů", "Første dansker smittet med coronavirus: 'Vi er selvfølgelig dybt rystede, "En person, der er blevet undersøgt på Rigshospitalet, er det andet bekræftede tilfælde af COVID-19 i Danmark", "Nyt coronatilfælde er en medarbejder på Aarhus Universitetshospital", "Femte og sjette dansker smittet med coronavirus", "Sundhedsminister: Mindst 10 herhjemme er nu smittet med corona", "Second case of coronavirus diagnosed in Estonia", "Third coronavirus case confirmed in Estonia", "Kahel Bergamost naasnud tallinlasel tuvastati koroonaviirus", "Lisandus veel kolm koroonasse nakatunut", "17th person diagnosed with coronavirus in Estonia", "Volley, febbre al termoscanner: Milano-Padova non si gioca", "Koroonaviiruse saanud Saaremaa võrkpallimeeskonna juht: loodan, et see olukord laheneb võimalikult kiiresti", "Number of coronavirus cases in Estonia rises to 692", "Woman in Helsinki tests positive for novel coronavirus", "New coronavirus infection confirmed in Helsinki", "France reports two new coronavirus infections, one returning from Italy", "Direct. The Maldives' first cases were two staffers at Kuredu Island Resort who caught the disease from an Italian tourist who had returned to Italy and tested positive there. [39] On 22 and 26 February, the two previously infected Chinese tourists tested negative for COVID-19 at Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute in Rome. [408] According to a study, cancer patients represented 17% of coronavirus fatalities in Italy. [430], Plasma treatment already tried in China (transfer of antibodies from recovered COVID-19 patients to sick people) was tested at the hospital of Pavia (and later in Mantua) under the supervision of professor Cesare Perotti;[431] the first two donors involved in the research programme were a married couple, both doctors and among the first COVID-19 patients reported in the province. On 5 March, a total of 34 cases had been confirmed in Iceland, most of which are imported cases from Italy. Italian tourism official website: vacations, art and culture, history, events, nature, lakes, mountains, golf, sci, boating, thermal spas, sports and adventure Ma molti Paesi prendono misure", "Kuwait suspends flights to and from South Korea, Thailand, Italy over coronavirus fears", "Coronavirus, ecco gli Stati dove gli italiani non-possono viaggiare o hanno restrizioni", "The US is telling Americans with preexisting conditions to avoid trips to Italy", "Coronavirus: Deloitte Malta asks staff returning from Italy to work from home", "European Parliament cancels internships for people from coronavirus affected areas", "A growing list of US colleges are canceling study abroad programs because of the coronavirus", "Spain issues travel warning for Italy over coronavirus outbreak as it steps up protocols", "El Salvador bars visitors from Italy and South Korea, citing coronavirus", "Ireland v Italy in Six Nations postponed and may be cancelled due to coronavirus", "Israeli diagnosed with virus after Italy trip; visitors from there to be barred", "Dozens of travelers from Italy refused entry to Israel", "Coronavirus confirmed in Israeli who returned from Italy", "Cruise ship MSC Meraviglia turned away from two Caribbean ports amid coronavirus concerns", "Mexican port denies cruise ship permission to dock over coronavirus fears", "MSC cruise ship docks in Mexico following coronavirus scare; company says ill crew member diagnosed with flu", "Cruise ship docks at Mexico's Cozumel amid virus fears", "Cruise Ship With Sick Passengers Denied to Dock in the British Virgin Islands", "Italian cruise ship blocked from Tortola berths in St Maarten", "Final UAE Tour stages called off after two coronavirus cases confirmed", "Germany enacts new health security measures against coronavirus infections", "Coronavirus in Italy – Warning – Level 3, Avoid Nonessential Travel – Travel Health Notices | Travelers' Health | CDC", "Amazon defers 'non-essential' moves even in U.S. as corporate travel bans spread", "Advisory: Travel and Visa restrictions related to COVID-19", "Update – Coronavirus: Romania suspends flights, buses, and trains to Italy, additional measures in place", "Slowenien kündigt Schließung der Grenze zu Italien an", "Österreich will Einreisen aus Italien weitgehend stoppen", "Updated: FG places travel ban on China, Italy, US, UK, nine others", "Italy criticises EU for being slow to help over coronavirus epidemic", "Italian ambassador to the EU: Italy needs Europe's help", "Italy shuts all retailers except food stores and pharmacies", "Covid-19: Economic downturn worsens old EU splits", "For Help On Coronavirus, Italy Turns To China, Russia And Cuba", "Coronavirus, le mascherine destinate a Roma e al Lazio bloccate in Polonia", "Coronavirus: Cisl, 1 mln mascherine per Trentino bloccate", "Coronarivus, 200 mila mascherine per gli ospedali italiani bloccate ad Ankara da 15 giorni", "Confiscated face masks imported by an influential Chinese representative in Czechia", "Coronavirus, stop export of masks: Germany "suffocates" Italy", "Coronavirus, Germany asphyxiates Italy on masks?

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