Hickory Smoke Denim


Longevity, Detail, Perfection. Heart.

Hickory Smoke is passion. It is impulse. It is a unique emotion
that remains etched and true forever.

Today Hickory Smoke means one thing: a need that has been passed down, a fabric with a “perfect feel” for every type of use. It is the perfect culmination of excellence and precious details, of strength and uniqueness.

With an inestimable value: being made-to-measure,
being adaptable to every personality and need.

Hickory Smoke is a racehorse with a wild nature, tamed only by the one who takes it in hand. It is a trophy to be displayed, full of details to uncover; the details speak, just read between the lines.
Just ride them, ride them with a free rein.
Freedom is understood when wearing Hickory Smoke.

Discover Hickory Smoke Denim

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